Cross-chain Hub for DeFi

The Ultimate Entrance to the DeFi World

Blockchain Interoperability

Other than the most popular cross-chain pairs such as BTC-ETH, more pairs are being developed, to welcome more communities of different chains to get involved.


  • Cross-chain liquidity farming
  • Make DeFi available to more blockchain users


Help users to reduce fees significantly, from several hundred dollars down to ZERO. This is the primary pain point for everyday users.


  • Reduce fees from Hundreds of $ to ZERO
  • Solve the primary pain point now

Fully Decentralized & Complete Openness

In terms of cross-chain and liquidity farming hub, we achieve full decentralization. There are no risks of integrity.


  • Metamask, Walletconnect integrated
  • Open to all the DeFi world partners

Top Grade Security

The safety of users' funds are always our first priority.
Our contracts are audited by top firms in the blockchain industry.

Our farming pools are classified into tranches with different risk levels, also with decentralized insurance covered.




 Farmland Protocol is founded by a group of blockchain and DeFi experts, with years of experience in finance, derivatives, dApp development and decentralized organization management. The team used to work in top-tier blockchain companies and start-ups, and are graduates of famous universities from all over the world.